Slick Kick: A Global Multi Channel Marketing Platform

slick kick

While their site announces their platform as a Marketing Automation system, I’m not sure I’d agree given a review of Slick Kick’s features. Marketing automation typically includes campaign flows and lead scoring to assist with an inbound marketing program… which Slick Kick doesn’t appear to support. But I will attest to their multi-channel marketing capabilities as you’ll see from the list below the video… wow! This platform is already multi-language and ready to go. They even announced a free account for life for customers that have under 2,000 contacts in their database.

When platforms talk about being All-in-One, my eyes tend to glaze over… but Slick Kick has virtually every medium bundled into its platform:

  • Email Marketing – an email marketing solution with an array of templates where you can send, track and manage.
  • Fax Broadcasting – yes, it’s still viable and sometimes easier to get a fax number to market your goods than an email address.
  • SMS Marketing – text messaging continues to be both universal and effective, providing some of the highest redemption rates on offers of any medium.
  • Form Builder helps you to collect the information required to build an Opt In list. Easily create a form builder to collect data based on your custom needs.
  • Landing pages – help your business to grow and gain exposure beyond your single site.
  • Autoresponder – strengthen your relationships with your clients and prospects along with growing your email marketing campaign and revenue.
  • Online Survey – create forms, polls and surveys to gain intelligence abound your prospects and customers.
  • Voice Broadcasting – remind your customers via voice broadcasting automated service regarding their next payment, appointment, updates and more.
  • Event Management – hosting an event has never been easier ever before.
  • Contact Management – manage all your contacts in one location and integrate with Zoho, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Twitter Campaign – Go Social, Go Global and Go Viral.
  • Facebook Campaign – Network with your customers and prospects.

I’m not sure where the folks are located, but given some of the broken English on the site I can only assume that they’re located somewhere where English is a second language. Since it appears their blog just launched on November 1st, 2013 – I’m guessing there still some work to do… but it looks very promising.

I love the challenge that these platforms are putting in front of established marketing platforms. While development has gotten easier and technology has become cheaper, marketing platforms haven’t adjusted their pricing along with the trends. New startups like this may definitely get a foothold and bring pricing down throughout the industry, making multi-channel marketing available to any size business.

What do you think?

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