Marketing for Leads with Powerpoint?

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It's after 10PM already and I've still got to put together a presentation for a customer tomorrow. In the last few years, I've done countless presentations – with many hours put into each. A great presentation can produce many leads at conferences and tradeshows… but the rest of the time that information is usually just collecting dust. Until now!

Every so often I've posted the presentations on Slideshare so that I could share them on my blog, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

This may be old news for some, but I just found a unique feature with Slideshare, though, that will enable companies like mine to drive qualified leads by promoting their Powerpoint presentations on Slideshare. The campaign functionality allows you to collect lead information and download it at $1 per lead ($4 with a phone number).

This is a fascinating way of monetizing your application and is a win-win for both businesses and Slideshare. Imagine if Youtube allowed businesses to do this! Add a great call to action at the end of a video that allows viewers to click through to your site, and I think businesses would be signing up in droves! The functionality is quite robust – you can set up campaigns for specific presentations, presentations with specific tags, or across your entire account.

We're testing the lead functionality at Compendium Blogware to see how qualified they are. We're optimistic that the right presentations will attract the right prospects back to us so we're going to buy a hundred leads or so to see.

What do you think?

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