Small Business Owners and Social Media

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These days everyone is on the internet; reading, writing, researching, chatting with friends, stalking ex-lovers, but is it productive for business? Since much of my business is focused on building websites, and helping small business owners use social media as part of their PR/Marketing stategy I am always interested in studies on this topic.

Chuck Gose’s shared a great video recently which presented the argument that B2B is now leading B2C in the realm of social media. While it contained quite a few interesting facts, most of the data seems to be about larger companies.  Since I am more concerned with how small business owners are using social media, I thought it was time for me to conduct my own survey!

It is only 12 questions,(plus the profile) so it won’t take very long. We will be collecting the data all week, so if you are interested check out our blog next week for the results, and add your email address and I will send the results to you.

I know the study will be biased because we are using social media to promote it, so please help me out, and send the link to friends who normally wouldn’t drop by this website.  Thanks!

With almost 50 responses so far, here is just a little of what we have learned.

  • If business owners are active they usually play on the big three: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Primary network seems to be equally divided between Twitter and LinkedIN

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    It’s interesting that Facebook isn’t up there yet… perhaps it’s the ‘newness’ of Facebook Page strategies.

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