The 7 Keys to Small Business Sales and Marketing

smb sales marketing

While we assist large businesses with their sales and marketing efforts, we’re a small business ourself. That means that we have limited resources and as clients leave, it’s essential that we have other clients that take their place. This enables us to regulate our cashflow and keep the lights on! It’s a tough situation, though. We often only have a month or two to prepare for the departure of one client and onboarding of the next. Large businesses have the capital to grow and are built for it, small businesses aren’t.

So, there’s a certain baseline of activity that every small business needs to ensure is in action to keep leads moving and turning into customers! Infusionsoft has put together this solid infographic on The Big 7: What Every Small Business Needs to Know About Sales and Marketing. The 7 keys to small business sales and marketing are:

  1. Attract Traffic online utilizing search and social media.
  2. Capture Leads by trading contact info for an offer.
  3. Nurture Prospects by communicating personally and periodically.
  4. Convert Sales by turn browsers into buyers through optimized sales processes.
  5. Deliver & Satisfy to turn new customers into loyal customers.
  6. Upsell Customers by sending follow-up offerings on complimentary products and services.
  7. Get Referrals by asking loyal customers to spread the word about you and rewarding them.


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