Small Business Social Cheat Sheet

smallbiz socialmedia cheatsheet

I love my peeps over at Column Five, but I think they may have tipped a few many watching reruns of Diggnation. Digg? Really? By any stretch of the imagination, Digg‘s grave has been Dugg and StumbleUpon is the one planting flowers. Too soon? Sorry folks… when the audience leaves, the social app dies. It’s social media evolution.

But wait… really… we missed LinkedIn, too? Google Business? Are you kidding me? Perhaps it was something a little stronger than beer.

Alright… we’ve made enough fun of the project manager on this infographic for Flowtown. Let’s get back on track… this social media cheat sheet provides a great foundation for small businesses to decide how to best leverage each social medium (listed). If you’re a small business – please don’t forget LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Google Places, too, though!

Social Media cheat sheet2


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    I totally agree on the LinkedIn omission… Almost as glaring are the Instagram and Pinterest omissions. They’re two really powerful branding tools.

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