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It’s always interesting to note out other marketers are leveraging social media for their own benefit. Pagemodo has developed an infographic on How Marketers Are Using Social Media Successfully. The infographic is based on a recent survey and showcases the most common benefits of using social media. Including:

  • How important is social media marketing for small businesses?
  • What percentage of exposure small businesses gain via social media
  • Which factors produce the most results
  • More!

Getting Results Social Media how marketers are using social media marketing successfully


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    What always surprises me is the lack of use of Geolocation Apps. I believe it has great value at a retail level, gammifying customer loyalty initiatives. I know the adoption rate at a consumer level is still low but we’ll see that expand in the coming years with the rise of Mobile.

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      Great point, @twitter-281224701:disqus !  The irony in your statement is that most of these folks probably could have benefited from apps that were geolocation based even MORE than general social media apps.  Local is so important for every small business!

  2. 3

    I don’t understand why out of all Google + is omitted from “plans to use”. 
    Do you really think is not important or won’t take much space in the next year?

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      @google-3edd56e2ef9c5b26e450ffc79d099b0e:disqus – not sure why it’s ignored on this, Vane. But we think it’s important, especially since Google+ provides incentives for businesses to integrate authorship and publishing. We’ve made it a priority with our customers to have it integrated.

  3. 5

    Interesting. I too am surprised at lack of geolocation but guess this one is all about the ‘big boys’? Nice share, thank you.

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    Also find it interesting that Google+ was left off.  Google+ isn’t just a social network.  As a Google product it has an effect on search and should be paid attention to by marketers looking for ways to improve their search engine presence.  

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