Video: SmallBox Web Design & Marketing

smallbox web

This month's marketing technology video introduces a technology company that's a bit different. No, we're not starting to publish every agency's video on Martech – but we did want to provide some insight into a new wave of agencies. Branding, design and marketing agencies typically work with off-the-shelf solutions. This isn't the case with SmallBox.

Over time, the team at SmallBox has developed their own content management system that's customized to the needs of each client they bring on. The software is agile and does have a modular design that allows for adding on new features and functionality over time. SmallBox has continued to develop features that have really assisted their clients, including an FAQ module.

While many agencies continue to try to figure out a one-size-fits-all approach, SmallBox is a unique agency that believes that each customer is independent, requiring a different solution and a different marketing strategy. In case you're wondering, SmallBox doesn't utilize its CMS to lock a company down, either. Clients are free to leave with the solution for their own use.

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