Smallpdf: A Free Conversion and Compression PDF Utility

Sometimes it’s not the huge, mega-enterprise, complex platforms that really make your day. Today we received some sample one-sheets from our designer that looked fantastic but were 12Mb when I converted them to PDFs. To be honest, I haven’t a clue about PDF compression so I went and Googled for optimal settings and tutorials.

What I found was a gem – smallpdf. Forget settings, forget tutorials… just drag and drop your PDF file and it compresses it for you.

Online PDF Utility

Current PDF Features on smallpdf

  • Compress PDF – Dramatically reduce the file size of your PDF
  • Merge PDF – Combine several PDF files into one single file
  • Split PDF – Create a new document from selected pages
  • Unlock PDF – Unlock password-protected files
  • JPG to PDF, PDF to JPG – Convert images to PDFs and vice versa
  • Word to PDF, PDF to Word – Convert your Word files to PDFs and vice versa
  • Excel to PDF, PDF to Excel – Convert your Excel files to PDFs and vice versa
  • PPT to PDF, PDF to PPT – Converting PPT presentations to PDF files and vice versa
  • Send letter – They even have new service where they print your PDF on paper and send it to any address
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