You Know You’re a Smippy When…


You know you’re a social media hippy (smippy), when:

(Before you go off in a comment, be sure to read the last section of this post!)

I love smippies, don’t get me wrong. I’d like to be one someday – after I’ve saved up enough money to buy some land in the mountains (with satellite broadband) and a couple quarts of patchouli. Between now and then, though, I need to pay the bills.

My bills get paid when companies have the foresight and courage to take advantage of mediums that result in better ROI and customer satisfaction than anytime in the past. I help them do that, and I won’t apologize for it.

Twitter as a Marketing Medium

Guy Kawasaki told Robert Scoble that Twitter might be the greatest PR tool in history. Twitter is evolving.

In recent interviews, founder Evan Williams has already noted that he’s more excited about the opportunities of Twitter as a marketing medium than simply a social platform. Twitter is also taking steps to cash in on the success. Take that smippies!

Twitter is a permission-based marketing medium. As such, it provides a perfect opportunity for companies to market themselves how they deem effective. By automating direct responses via Tweetlater and auto-posting my blog posts in Twitterfeed, I’ve increased the number of subscribers to my blog by 5% and increased daily readership (direct from Twitter) by 8% on average.

If you choose to follow me, you are inherently providing me with permission to communicate with you. Don’t get upset when I do. The first thing every company should do is to capitalize on that handshake and directly reply with something nice. If you don’t like it? Unfollow! It’s that easy.

Social Media Marketing

Smippies should be getting happier, not more upset, about social media marketing. Popups and other intrusive marketing are fading into the sunset. Finally, companies are adapting and seeking to find and connect with consumers where the consumer is – not by dragging the consumer kicking and screaming to them.

Search Engine Marketing is a great example of this. Corporate blogging is becoming an essential exercise for companies, since it’s an outstanding means of both retention and acquisition. Consumers are on search engines – that’s where companies need to be!

When Companies Strike!

So you’ve read through everything and you must think I’m some big ‘ol capitalist pig that’s advising companies to use every medium it can to manipulate, manipulate, manipulate and sell, sell, sell.

Not the case.

The beautiful thing about social media is that it’s finally balanced the playing field. Companies who attempt to abuse the medium will not only fail, they’ll be embarrassed. The manipulation and abuse of Twitter, Blogging and Social Media is be met with painful and swift penalties… if not all out disaster.

That’s good for everyone! Smippies included.


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    Love this post! It actually made me LOL.

    As I started to respond, it got me thinking a bit more, so I actually ended up posting a response over on my blog: There are certainly smippies out there, and likely always will be. But more of us need to aspire to be smullets – those who recognize both sides of social media: the personal as well as professional.

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    Actually followed Andrea over here from her post about your post (and I think I’ll be referencing it, too).

    Definitely count me (and our Network) out of the Smippy crowd. However, as your post demonstrates, blogging intelligently and as a real human puts one in both the Smippy and “Smullets” (compliments of Andrea) categories 🙂

    Blogging is definitely “automatic” once you get past the input (by hand) of what it is you’re conveying. I think the blogs that drive me slightly crazy are the ones where human hands only encountered it as it was being set up.

    You can tell the difference 🙂

    Strangely enough, Twitter seems to be a resounding theme for me today – both in emails and posts. We’ve covered it before, too, and use it, but it’s like learning a new word… there’s always a reason things pop up again (so a refresher of Twitter is in order, or so the universe seems to be telling me).

    Oh, and btw, the retreat in the mountains with a satellite connection sounds great to me, too!

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    Smippy, Smulets … This makes me laugh! You do make a very good point about how the smippies will be embarassed cause that is all I hear….. remove everything except the theme. If you want traffic from the tweeners, you better have some bells and whistles for them to even look at your blog.

    Anyway, I am in the piney woods, love it, but still have bills to pay, too. 🙁

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    I love coming across a conversation-provoking post that I missed. Doug, I appreciate the transparency you offer to your own firsthand experience. It adds layers to your credibility and gives folks (like me) tangible and relevant anecdotes.

    Now I must hurry along and use Smippy in a sentence so that I commit it to my long-term social media vocabular. 🙂

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