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The Snap Shares announcement was scheduled to go out in conjunction with Blog World on Thursday because it was well-suited for that audience. However, so many people were curious about what the network meant for Web site operators/bloggers to make money that it was decided to release the news on both today.

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According to the press release:

In conjunction with the Snap Ad Network, a new program that allows advertisers to deliver content with associated context-based ads to millions of Snap Shots? users, today announced Snap Shares, a new way for Web site operators and bloggers to make money using Snap Shots, the most popular Web site enhancement in the world.

Currently, nearly 2,000,000 site owners and bloggers use Snap Shots to deliver a more compelling user experience; such sites include TechCrunch, Guy Kawasaki,, WordPress, LiveJournal, et al. When mousing over a hyperlink, a small SnapShot window reveals content from the linked site formatted according to the content type, such as a video player from a YouTube link, a brief summary from a Wikipedia link, etc. Currently, Snap Shots are used about 15 million times daily and have been translated into 43 languages by volunteers.

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