5 Ways Snapchat Can Be Used to Promote Your Business

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As social mobile platforms rise in popularity, there’s always an opportunity to utilize the platform to communicate to and engage with potential buyers. Snapchat has obviously surpassed that expectation, with over 100 million daily users that are viewing more than 8 billion videos every day.

Snapchat offers brands and content producers the opportunity to create, promote, reward, distribute, and leverage the unique interaction capabilities of the platform.

How are marketers utilizing Snapchat?

M2 On Hold Australia has shared a great infographic, How Snapchat Can Expand Your Brand, and have provided the following five ways your company can utilize Snapchat.

  1. Provide access to live events – excite your audience with an authentic view of product launches, trade shows, or one-of-a-kind events.
  2. Deliver private content – provide special or unique content to your audience that they may not receive on other platforms.
  3. Offer contests, perks or promotions – offer promo codes or discounts to fans. Giveaways and promotions are ways you can keep your followers coming back.
  4. Take people behind the scenes – engage your audience by providing behind-the-scenes content and show off how your brand differentiates itself.
  5. Partner with Snapchat influencers – skilled Snapchat influencers can help you spread awareness to demographics that are difficult to reach through traditional media.

Snapchat marketing for Business

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    A very informative article. I agree with you that with the rise in social media platforms popularity, there is always an opportunity to utilize the platform to communicate and engage with potential buyers. A Snapchat is a popular social media network that allows you to share videos and pictures with your friends and family. Every smart phone users view at least one video every day. I liked the five points discussed in this article as how brands are utilizing snapchat. Businesses are using snapchat for product promotions as well as delivering private content. Read this link: https://www.animatedvideo.com/blog/numbers-branding-snapchat/

    This link shares the branding opportunities of snapchat.

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