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One of the great aspects of attending a conference like Social Media Marketing World is that you leave the comfort of your network and enter so many others. Regardless of the size of your network, you’re often limited to the news and information shared within. Going to an international conference like this opens you up to so many new networks. We met a ton of folks in San Diego and we’re going to continue to write about the people and the technologies that we discovered.

One such technology is Social Buzz Club. We quickly joined the club, became an affiliate, and will be begin working closer with the team there. What is Social Buzz Club?

Once upon a time, two friends and social media marketing colleagues were talking about how they could work together and help one another spread the word about their new clients. One had a new client she was working with and needed to get some exposure, the other a charity who was running a campaign and also needed exposure to increase donations. They knew that clients were no longer satisfied with the number of fans and followers, it was all about return on investment (ROI). Clients wanted to see their communities in action, sending traffic to their websites, actually converting them to customers or donors.

They agreed that this was a challenge and thought that they probably weren’t the only ones with that same challenge. Then, they said “what if?” What if a marketing collaboration network could be set up comprised of professionals in the social media and online marketing space, with the sole purpose of spreading the word about each other’s businesses or clients in an authentic, positive way? This would extend the reach of the client’s message and encourage the sharing of quality content across the social media platforms. What if it was set up so that the content can be global or local, thereby increasing the number of targeted prospects — increase ROI for the clients? Even better, what if members can share content of their own, and gain exposure for themselves?

The idea for the social buzz club was born. Viola! success through collaboration!


The Social Buzz Club solves the problem and enables social media savvy business owners, social media marketing pros, and online marketing consultants the opportunity to become brand buzz builders through the world’s first collaborative content sharing system. Since sharing is based on reciprocity, every member gives first. That means getting the word out about great brands in alignment with their natural networks is the first priority every member has.. In other words, your client content will be promoted to target audiences. Once a member earns enough points from sharing targeted content, he/she then may contribute his/her client content to the pool. This ensures that everyone is sharing content and the club is a major force in creating buzz about the brands you own or work for.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 1.12.16 AM

Once you login, you’re met with a list of content to share and generate points with. What I’m enjoying about the product is the finite level of filtering I can utilize and the quality of the content I’m sharing. This isn’t an automated engine that throws anything out to our network. I can read, curate and share the content that I believe is of value to my audience.

What do you think?

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