Wealthy Customers Want Social Customer Care

social care
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A key social media marketing strategy must incorporate customer service. Many companies differentiate the two, but your customers don’t have any such separation. Once you’re social, they’re going to utilize this channel for questions, comments and complaints. The good news is that you can really show of your customer service skills in public, thereby marketing how well you do it with prospects.

What companies may not realize is that it’s your customers with the largest budgets that prefer social care and customer service. Let that sink in a bit…

High earners in particular make the greatest use of social networks for customer service. Companies that fail to take advantage of that are missing an opportunity to improve brand experiences and grow. McKinsey & Company

Companies need to incorporate a customer service strategy into their social media strategy that routes and resolves customer service issues as quickly as possible. Letting issues drag on will destroy your authority and the trust that’s required to turn prospects into customers and customers into fans.


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