Social Customer Service for Marketeers

social customer service marketing

Customer service IS marketing. I'll say it again… customer service IS marketing. Because the way you treat your customers is promoted on social media, ratings and reviews every single day, your customer service is no longer an indicator of customer satisfaction, retention or value. Your customers are now a key arm to all of your marketing efforts because they share readily online.

While Marketing Teams aim to increase brand awareness and lead generation through pushing out information and generating positive engagement, Customer Service Teams aim to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer retention by listening, and responding to customer needs. How the two meet is often seen as a challenge among many organizations. Source: Sentiment

While 60% of companies believe social media is just a marketing channel, they're ignoring the amplification of their brand through consumer advocates or detractors. All it takes to derail months or years of hard work building trust, authority, and an emotional connection with your audience is mishandling a single event that's published and promoted on social media. You can recover effectively… but you should never forget that customer service is now a key element of your overall marketing strategy.


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