10 Steps to Brilliant Social Customer Service

10 steps social customer service

We’ve written about the growth of social customer service in the past, and we continue to push our clients in that direction. Social customer service is an expectation of your customers and a fantastic opportunity for your marketing efforts. What’s better than helping a customer in the public spotlight where everyone can see how great a company you are?

The number of people engaging in online conversations with brands is increasing year-on-year. Almost 50% of all social media users have used social customer service, including roughly a third of those over 65. Unfortunately, the results so far leave a lot to be desired. Only 36% of consumers that make a customer service enquiry via social media report having their issue solved quickly and effectively.

This infographic from Sentiment Metrics, is a well-detailed road-map for any company who is looking to implement or improve their social customer service.


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