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10 Improvements You Can Implement for Social Marketing Today!

A growing portion of the inbound marketing efforts we deploy for companies include both paid and organic social media strategies. I’m always blown away at the continued news that social media isn’t getting the return on investment that companies are finding elsewhere. In all honesty, I think it’s because of a lack of execution and a good strategy, not the medium. We continue to see growth in social marketing and it’s been incredibly effective in driving our cost per lead down overall.

With the New Year come the New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe yours is going to the gym, learning a new language or even just relaxing more. Whatever your personal resolutions might be, there’s also a good chance that your social media accounts could use a new start in the New Year, too. That’s why we put together this list of 10 social media resolutions to keep your brand on track. Via Tailwind.

Here are 10 Optimization Tips for Social Media Marketing

  1. Use More Visuals
  2. Create Content
  3. Engage Users
  4. Find Your Perfect Timing
  5. Test Using Social Advertisements
  6. Make Your Posts Move with Video
  7. Use Hashtags Right
  8. Optimize Posts for Different Platforms
  9. Post Less About Yourself
  10. Master Mobile Marketing


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