How Social Marketing Stacks Up with Traditional Advertising

brightkit advertising vs social media

I’m not opposed at all to advertising and paying for promotion, but many business owners and even some marketers don’t distinguish the difference. Often, social marketing is seen as just another channel. While it is an additional strategy to add to your marketing, social offers a far different opportunity.

Social media has been disrupting the advertising landscape ever since it burst onto the scene and offered trackable metrics that marketers only dreamed of. With the exorbitant amount of UGC being published daily, there’s no question that social marketing is a valuable platform for targeted advertising, lead-generation and two-way engagement. Brightkit, How to Drive value with Social Marketing

Advertising is largely an awareness strategy, not a relationship strategy. I can’t respond directly to a television or radio advertisement… or even a digital advertisement online. But I can react, echo or respond to social marketing. Social media offers the most efficient and effective means of assisting word of mouth marketing in history – and your company should be tapping into it. As well, when your campaign funding has dried up, so do your ads. But content shared on social media can last for years.


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