Social Media Agency Summit | Free Online Conference | June 23, 2021

Social Media Agency Summit

Unlike traditional webinars, Agency Summit is going to feel like the in-person events we all miss. From being able to talk face to face with speakers after their presentation, to meeting and chatting with other attendees, there will be plenty of opportunity for magical moments. Here are just a few of the topics on the agenda:

  • How To Build a Scalable Sales System for Your Agency – Join Lee Goff as he covers the 4 pillars of a successful and scalable sales system. His system will double your leads, guarantee no lead ever falls through the cracks, provide detailed pipeline management, transparent KPI's into performance and so much more… Tune in as he goes into detail on the 4 pillars and how they can transform sales for your agency.
  • How to Scale Your Agency Faster – Jason Swenk is going to show you how to self-assess what stage in your agency you are, and exactly what you need to do in the current and future stages to scale your agency faster so you can reach the summit.
  • How to Run & Manage Challenges for Clients – Kelly Noble Mirabella leads this breakout session where she will show you a formula for running challenges as short as a couple of days or as long as a month. it's easy to create an amazing challenge that will engage your followers and keep them coming back for more if you know the formula. It's also simple enough that anyone in your company can do it – even if you're not tech savvy! Plus, Kelly will share with you what you need to find sponsors (if you want them), plan content, and all the assets you will need to be successful.
  • How To Manage Graphics For Multiple Clients – We all know how much time it takes to design graphics for a single brand. But what about when you’re managing multiple brands? It can be a challenge to maintain brand consistency and stay on top of graphic requirements for all social, digital and offline outputs. In this session, Annette McDonald will go through workflows that you can set up to enable your agency to become more efficient, and to scale, by empowering each team-mate to take control of creating stunning visual content for every one of your clients with ease!
  • How to Unlock Strategy to Grow Your Agency – What do the high-performers do differently to grow their agencies? Not only the ‘what' but the ‘how' do they do it, year-by-year, quarter-by-quarter and month-by-month. The systems and processes required will be revealed by Robert Craven. And surprisingly this is not about rocket science or fancy clever-clogs theory. We'll share the tools that thousands of high-performing agencies use.
  • How to Handle Client Contracts & Copyright Law – As an agency owner, the last thing you may want to think about is contracts or legal concerns, yet taking the time upfront to make sure that you have structured contracts in place, and are up to date on the latest copyright laws as they pertain to social media content, can help protect you from potentially expensive issues down the road. In this information-packed session, you'll learn from highly sought-after attorney, speaker and author Mitch Jackson, and walk away with a clear understanding of when to use contracts in your agency work, what to include, and how to be mindful of copyright law in digital marketing.
  • How to Manage Facebook Ads for Clients – It's more than just etiquette. Avoid the traps that can result in your client accounts or your Agency account being restricted from advertising on Facebook. Learn how to properly set up and access your client Facebook accounts to protect you as an Agency and keep all of your accounts in good standing. Join Amanda Robinson – The Digital Gal and learn how to safely manage Business Settings, Pages, Ad Accounts, Pixels, Catalogues and more on behalf of a client.
  • Agencies: How Can You Create THE Winning, Data-Driven Pitch? – From the change in the way brands conduct business operations, to the shift in focus towards digital engagement, COVID-19 opened doors to both challenges and opportunities for agencies and consumers. Now more than ever, agencies are reinventing themselves in order to fulfill the growing and adapting needs of their customers and prospects. Finding new business opportunities, dealing with growing competition, and diversifying their client base are some of the prime industry challenges that agencies are facing. So to overcome these challenges and stay at the top of your game, it’s imperative that you equip yourself with the right data-driven tools! In this session, Aurelien Blaha will help you discover how Digimind Historical Search can help you significantly reduce the amount of time spent to prepare for a pitch, be relevant and confident with data-driven insights, and bring new content inspiration to your next campaign brief.

Check out the entire agenda with dozens more breakout sessions and talks! As well, there's networking, product booths, and product demonstrations!

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Disclosure: Douglas Karr is an ambassador for the event's coordinators, Agorapulse ,and we're using tracking links in this event notification.

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