Three Keys to Leveraging Your Content

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Many marketers leverage one piece of technology that they enjoy or are comfortable with and ignore the others. I’m a huge proponent of automation and the marketer leveraging their messaging in any way, shape, or form – so much as it never does harm to their marketing efforts.

With regard to a company leveraging content through its site, articles, whitepapers, case studies or its corporate blog, I believe there are three keys to making your content really work for your company or brand:

  1. Stay Relevant – keep on target and, no matter how tempted, try to ensure that you’re always speaking to your customers or prospects. This will gain you authority and a firm reputation much faster than if you skip around or vary from your messaging.
  2. Always Publicize – there are prospects and customers out there that want your content, but don’t know it exists. Submit articles to other services, press releases, place links in directories, add to conversations in relevant forums, promote your articles through social bookmarking tools, submit to news sites, wikis, etc. Be a guest blogger and comment on other blogs with links back to your content. Add links to your invoices, your email signatures, your business cards… everywhere!
  3. Syndicate Everywhere – virtually every social media application has features for publishing your RSS feed to their service. Use every single one! Many people utilize a single network and never stray, ensure your content is where they want to find it! Publish to Twitter, too!

You’ve put in the hard work and have written a lot of relevant content. Now work to ensure that content gets the attention that it deserves!


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    Excellent advices.

    Your top bullet: Relevance is key

    One of the thing that is also key is to nail down a strategy. As an example our own strategy is:

    – engage with social media marketers that discuss strategy, positioning, relevance and influence
    – read everything published by the top influencers (Brogan, Owyang…)
    – engage on the magic middle (people who have significant influence and are very knowledgeable on the topic).

    I’ve described our own process in more details here:

    Any feedback is warmly welcome.

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