Awesome Things Brands did on Social Media in 2013

2013 social media campaigns

Unmetric monitors the daily activity on the social media outposts of over 6,000 big brands from 30 sectors to help brands analyze competitors, benchmark performance and compete intelligently. Unmetric has developed the first ever sector aware social media benchmark score with over 20 qualitative and quantitative metrics to rank your brand against your competitors.

Though thousands of campaigns were rolled out on multiple social platforms in 2014, Unmetric sifted through thousands of brands and discovered the best campaigns, tweets, videos and stunts… putting them all in this infographic. Click on the infographic for more detail about the campaigns on the Unmetric blog.



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    Hi Douglas, thanks so much for featuring our infographic, so glad you liked it! It took a super human effort to pull it all together because you just forget how many great campaigns happen throughout the year, just when we thought we were done, we’d pull up another campaign. Curating the list took forever, the design part was quite easy! Did you have a personal favourite from last year?

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      Absolutely – Ship My Pants was a favorite. Not because of the vulgarity but because it was a stodgy old brand that did something REALLY risky. I still laugh at it, too.

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        Did you see their Dickensian take on Ship My Pants? “Very expedient”…it made me laugh. The Lexus instagram film was really creative, I felt they should definitely have got more mileage out of it though. Kraft’s Zesty Guy was a hit with the ladies in our office and was included despite protests from the male staff!

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