6 Ways to Maximize Social Media for Event Marketing

event marketing on social media

As I participate in social media, I often come across events that I wasn’t aware of that my friends, partners or clients are going to. I attend more events than I ever have in the past thanks to Facebook Events, Meetup announcements, and a number of other services that I’ve joined. This infographic looks at how you can use social media for event promotion; find out what is the key to an effective event hashtag and get tips from the experts and much more.

Here are 6 ways to leverage social media to market your next event!

  1. Create a Facebook Event to share and promote your event.
  2. Research hashtags and create a unique hashtag for your event.
  3. Develop and distribute a pre-written tweet for people to share and promote on Twitter. Use a tool like Click to Tweet to make it easier.
  4. Create content to market and promote your event online.
  5. Share and tag videos and photos taken at the event. If you do it early enough, friends will join their friends already in attendance.
  6. Share highlights of the event on Instagram and Vine with some fantastic.

Social Media Event Marketing

Infographic developed by the Lakeshore Convention Centre.

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