Fishing in a Million Lakes

fishing2.pngThe other day I was having lunch with a group of people who primarily worked in advertising agencies, pr and marketing firms. 

Douglas Karr, founder of the Martech Zone, was speaking to the group about social media and its’ uses as a marketing tool.  One of the things he said really struck a cord with me.  

I am going to paraphrase… Doug said that advertising used to be pretty simple, you had a few large mediums (Print, TV, Radio) from which to buy and all you had to do was figure out what percentage of your budget each one got.  You were essentially fishing for customers in an ocean

Now with social media, mobile marketing, blogs, social networks and all the other new means of communications you aren’t fishing in the oceans anymore. 

Marketers now have millions of lakes to fish from. Just like fishing, you can waste your time and efforts in all the wrong places.  Also, just like fishing, you need to find the mediums (lakes) that work for you and focus on those.

I thought this was a great analogy for marketing in today’s world.  Online marketing and social media have brought about a fundamental shift in the way consumers expect communication. 

Is your company still trying to fish in the ocean?

What do you think?

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