4 Strategies Your Business Should Be Executing Using Social Media

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There’s a lot of conversation about the impact or lack of impact of social media on B2C and B2B businesses. Much of it is downplayed because of the difficulty in attribution with analytics, but there’s no doubt that people are utilizing social networks to research and discover services and solutions. Don’t believe me? Visit Facebook right now and browse for people asking for social recommendations. I see them almost every day. In fact, Consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals.

With the maturity of social media in business over the last few years, many B2B organisations are realising the true value it can provide. Whether you use social media to help sell products directly or use it as one piece of your lead generation process, taking a planned approach that fully integrates social media into your overall marketing strategy will give you the best chance of generating new business. Stephen Tamlin, Branching Out Europe

What 4 Social Media Strategies Should Your Business be Executing?

  1. Listening – Monitoring social media to respond to prospects and customers online is an incredible means of creating a trusted relationship with them. It shouldn’t be limited to them speaking directly to you, either. You should be listening for any mention of your employees’ names, your brands, and your product names. This will allow you to respond to sales-related questions, protect your online reputation, and instill confidence with your prospects and customers that you’re the type of company that both cares and listens. 36% of marketers have acquired customers on #Twitter
  2. Learning – 52% of business owners have found their customers on #Facebook and 43% of business owners have found their customers on #LinkedIn. By joining those communities, you can listen to industry leaders, prospective clients, and your own customers speak about what the key issues are within your industry. This will assist your company in developing long-term strategies to compete in those industries.
  3. Engaging – If you only speak when spoken to, or when there’s a sales opportunity – you’re missing out on providing social media with a glimpse into what kind of company you are. Curating content and sharing article of interest to your prospects and customers will help to build trust and authority with them. Helping your customers be successful will ensure your success, not only theirs!
  4. Promoting – Growing your reach, your network, and promoting your products and services is a must as part of a balanced social media strategy. You don’t always want to be promoting yourself, but you also shouldn’t be eliminating those opportunities online. Over 40% of salespeople have closed two to five deals due to Social Media

Social Media for Business


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    Amazing article Douglas! These tips you have given must be applied when advertising your business online. Posting is not enough. Listening to your audience and engaging with them is important so that you will be able to know their interests. If you know their interest, you will be able to identify your targeted customers. Most marketers have a successful business because of the customers that they have found through social media. Thank you for this very informative post!

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    Definitely will execute these things. I mean, I’ve been using social media as part of my marketing campaign and with the right strategies for it, so far, it’s been doing great for the business. But I don’t limit myself so this post of yours can really help me a lot to do better in this kind of strategy.

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