Social Media for Startups: Launch, Distribution, Buzz and Bucks

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We shared a pretty comprehensive list of 40+ sites to promote your startup that you should check out (and check off) as you plan the launch of your own startup.

There is still a lot of buzz around using social media to get word out about your startup. And there continues to be some very entertaining and original ideas in using it. This infographic from Udemy shows how you – as a startup – can leverage social media marketing as a tool to grow your business and why you may want to invest in some social media training to get up to speed.

One key missing here is pre-launch. If you’re going to market your startup via social media, I’d really encourage you to have a pre-launch program with beta users to help both build buzz around your startup as well as get incredible feedback.

We’ve been working on CircuPress for a year now and it’s still a young startup despite having over 1,500 installations. The feedback we’re getting from users is incredible and we continue to refine the service, scale the infrastructure and prepare for a much larger launch. However, we’re not going to plop down a ton of time and money on that launch until we know that the service is optimal – with respect to user experience and infrastructure.

One of the great keys that they do hone in on is listening to the feedback you’re getting about your platform. We often see a disconnect between what startups think they do versus what users appreciate that they do. Focusing on the benefits that your users are providing with their feedback is a great way to bring clarity to the brand you’re bringing to life.

The last bit of advice is to ensure you have an advocacy or affiliate program to spread, what the infographic calls, word of click. Many startups see those as something to do later after launch, but we really push that our clients do it as part of the launch. Building many of those tools later is difficult, especially if they need integrated into your core application.

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