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Social Media for the Career Minded

Yesterday’s radio show with Austin and Jeffrey from Orabrush was an amazing conversation and one part of it centered on education. Jeffrey graduated from Brigham Young University and described the education he was provided outside the classroom in Internet marketing. It obviously paid off – his work on Orabrush has been nothing short of incredible.

This new infographic from Voltier Creative focuses on social media for the career minded:

It’s clear that social media interaction by businesses is here to stay. With 79% of corporations now utilizing some aspect of social media, a new era in consumer-business relationships has begun. It is the role of a company’s social strategist to manage and foster this relationship online. As this new form of communication matures, it will be the social strategists who are proactive and innovative who will excel, while those who stagnate may be replaced by automation or see their positions cannibalized.

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Facing Forward: The Evolution of the Modern Finance Leader

Facing Forward: The Evolution of the Modern Finance Leader

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