How to Create Graphics with DesignCap that Can Be Easily Used on Social Media or Website in Different Sizes

Designcap - Social Media Graphic Builder
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There is no doubt that you can engage more followers and subscribers for your social media with a beautiful social media banner or you can attract more visitors to your website with an appealing graphic design. DesignCap is an amazing tool that gives you the opportunity to transform a very simple image into an attractive photo graphic. Wish this tool, you can create graphics for social media or website content in different size. Let’s see how to use it to make a graphic.  


Step 1. Register an account

It’s not a must. But for a better user experience, you’d better to register an account on DesignCap first. Then you can save your project online under your account for further editing later. Open its homepage. At the top right section, you can see a button of register. Here you can register an account using your email address or directly login with your Google account or Facebook account. 

Step 2. Choose a template

You’ll be glad to know that DesignCap offers its users a wide range of templates that helps you create cards and banners for different social media. It also includes other graphic images you need to offer a very effective visual content on your website. 

Clicking “Get Started Now” button at its home page, you will be directed to its template page. Here you can see there are a wide selection of preset templates for different topic like: infographic, presentation, report, card, invitation, poster, YouTube channel art, Facebook cover, YouTube thumbnail, Tumblr banner, Pinterest graphic, etc.

Choose a Design Template

DesignCap Graphic Templates

Step 3. Personalize the design

  • Add a shape or an icon to the design – DesignCap has a wide variety of shapes that you can use in your design and change its color, size, opacity. Besides, there are millions of icons provided by DesignCap which you can search it with a specific keyword. Here I type “family” into the search box. You can see there are a list of icon for family type. Select one and make some changes.  

Add other icons or shapes to DesignCap

  • Replace the default photos in the template – To make the design more unique, replace all the photos in the template. You can upload your own photos to DesignCap or just search one from its millions of stock photos like searching an icon. It has a wide variety of options like photo effect, opacity, hue, saturation, exposure, etc. You can apply them to your image to improve it and adjust any detail. Besides, you can rotate, flip and crop the photo to get a better result.   

Replace images in DesignCap

  • Add a chart to the design – If you are going to make a report to show the data of your company or any other thing, you can use a chart to make it clearly to readers. You can use a line chart, column chart, bar chart or pie chart to display them visually. And it allows you to directly import data from a file of XLS, XLSX    or CSV.

Add a chart to DesignCap

  • Add text information – This part is very important. Adding some text to tell your readers what you want to show them. You can simply apply one of the preset test styles in the left list. Alternatively, you can add your own words and change their fonts, sizes, colors, etc. one by one.  

Heading and text design in DesignCap

  • Module section – To make a quick design, module section will help you a lot. This section allows you to add modules for several types like, images & text, icons & text, options, timelines, steps, diagrams, comparisons, statistics, and SWOT. You can group them our upgroup them to edit them conveniently.  

Module design in DesignCap

One thing I’d love to mention is its size option. For the preset templates, different templates are set into different sizes to make them suitable for their specific platforms. You can just use them without worrying their sizes. If you have any other sizes in mind, you can set it using its “Custom Size”. DesignCap allows you to make a custom size up to 4000x4000px. Background option can be also found in this tool.  

Step 4. Save and Share

Once everything looks great, click Download to get your graphic design into your computer. Or print it out directly through the tool. Save it to your account online in case you want to re-edit it in future. Besides, you have the option to share the design to all the social media or website with a URL produced by DesignCap. This is very convenient.  

Sign Up for DesignCap

DesignCap is the easiest and most practical tool to help you greatly increase the visibility of your website, blog, business or social network helping you make the impressive images for your brand. It will make your brand the most attractive, powerful and competitive of all. And it will also make your design like a pro. And you can access this graphic maker anytime, anywhere.

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