Social Media Impact on Commerce

social currency effect commerce

Yesterday, I installed a Belkin F9K1106 Dual Band Range Extender in my parent's house to try and get a signal in their guest room. I read all the reviews online and discussed it with a couple folks I know. I couldn't find anyone with a definitive opinion and reviews were mixed; so, I just had to test it for myself. Unfortunately, the extender didn't pick up and amplify the signal enough. However, since my parents have ethernet outlets (my Dad had installed 20 years ago when he built the home!), I was able to plug the extender into the wall, back to their router and it did the trick.

All of this played out in my discussions on Twitter, Facebook and Google+… with quite a few folks hoping that the solution would work so they could make the purchase. Social media drives commerce!

As everyone knows the use of social media platforms is growing at an exponential rate. To be exact, within the past 7 seven years the use of social media has grown 365 percent. Everyday millions and millions of people are expressing their feeling and experiences about products and services through social media. Therefore many companies are focusing their attention on social commerce.

This infographic, The Rise of Social Commerce from Australia's Fedelta Point of Sale, delivers the big picture.


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