Stop Bailing, Let’s Invest in Opportunity

throwing money awayAmericans hate to lose a war, period. In one view, the dying automotive industry is a war that we think we’re losing. I don’t believe we’re losing anything, I believe we’re progressing. Jobs moving overseas always sounds ominous, but people always ignore that we’re creating new jobs right here in this nation that have never been heard before.

I’m a living example of this. Fresh out of the Navy, my first job was an industrial electrician at a Newspaper. I stayed in the newspaper industry for a decade before I was pushed out, and I’m forever grateful. I wonder what would have happened if my superiors were bailed out and didn’t need to change. Would I still be suffering in a dying industry?

Check out the Social Media Manager position that’s open at HP. They’re looking for someone with a proven blogging record, a knowledge of Wikis and Twitter. They want to transform that person’s knowledge and develop Key Performance Indicators for the business to monitor their social media strategy.

Computer manufacturing moved offshore many years ago… are the guys that lost their jobs overseas looking for a handout from the U.S. Government? No, they shifted direction and turned their talents from design and manufacturing and moved it into the entrepreneurial and ingenious startups in the Internet.

If our nation (and others) wish to remain at the forefront of leveraging technology, then we need to constantly be looking towards the future. We’ve done automobiles already… check it off the list and let it move to a country that is hungry to take it over. Meanwhile, our auto industry employees should be looking to the next challenge such as engineering and constructing alternative energy sources.

For ol’ school marketers, it’s time to move on folks! Begin educating yourself and your clients on the next opportunity – blogging, reputation management and social media are here – they aren’t on the horizon. It’s time to make the change, before you find yourself in line begging for a bailout.

On a side note, kudos to HP for anticipating the need to develop an internal social media strategy!


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    I couldn’t agree more. It seems that some places/people don’t want to change and adapt as our society changes with technology. I think Indiana is a good example of that, so many of the the government programs have been focused on retaining and creating manufacturing jobs, while they ignore the possibility that Indiana could be a hotbed for technological advancement.


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    Well put Doug – no better way to stifle creativity and innovation than to reward market downswings (not to mention bad business decisions) with government handouts.


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