How to Create a Social Media Marketing Calendar

social media calendar

74% of marketers saw an increase in traffic after spending just 6 hours per week on social media and 78% of American consumers stated that social media impacts their purchase decision. According to Quicksprout, developing a social media calendar will help focus your social media strategy, allocate resources more efficiently, help you publish consistently, and organize the way you curate and create content.

A social media calendar can help you consistently promote high quality content, cut down on the amount of time you waste, and organize and curate content. See the Quicksprout’s infographic, Why You Need a Social Media Calendar and How to Create One, for more detail on why you need a social media calendar and the strategies to make one.

We are huge fans ofHootsuite and the ability to schedule social updates via bulk upload and view our social media marketing via their calendar views:

You can download social media marketing calendar templates and a bulk upload template direct fromHootsuite ‘s blog. We recommend each social media marketing update include the following:

  1. Who – Which account or which personal accounts are responsible for publishing the social update and who will be responsible to respond to any requests?
  2. What – What are you going to write or share? Remember that images and video will add to the engagement and sharing. Have you researched hashtags to include to ensure you reach a wider, more relevant audience?
  3. Where – Where are you sharing the update and how will you optimize the update for the channel you’re publishing on?
  4. When – When are you going to update? For event driven posts, are you counting down over time to the event? For key updates, are you repeating the updates so that your audience will see it if they miss initial updates? Do you have cyclical events like holidays or conferences where you need to publish before, during and after?
  5. Why – often missed, why are you posting this social update? Ensuring you think of why will help you remember the call-to-action you wish the fan or follower to take as well as how you’re going to measure the effectiveness of the social publishing.
  6. How – another key strategy that’s missed… how are you going to promote the update? Do you have an advocacy program for employees or customers to share? Do you have a budget for advertising the post on social channels where social updates are often filtered (like Facebook)?

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Calendar

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