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The incredible folks at Social Media Examiner have launched their exclusive membership community,
The Social Media Marketing Society. The purpose of the Society is to help you discover new ideas, avoid trial and error, implement the newest social tactics and find what works best with social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Society

When you join the Society, you’ll receive three original training sessions each month that are timely, tactical and expert-led. This means that you’ll have the ongoing training you need to implement all the latest social media marketing tactics that matter. Plus, you’ll be able to network with fellow marketers just like you.

No longer do you need to wonder how your peers are tackling the same struggles you are. With the Society, you can easily connect with other marketers, share experiences and support one another.

Here’s the cool part. Everything takes place online! The Society was created to be simple and accessible for busy marketers like you. You can attend the training sessions and interact with other marketers from the comfort of your office chair–wherever you are in the world! Go here to learn more.

The team at Social Media Examiner has been working for eleven months to create a place for people like you–busy marketers and business owners who want to employ the newest social tactics without a lot of trial and error.

They studied more than 4,500 marketers to really understand the unique challenges you face. Here’s what they discovered:

  1. You’re really busy and wish you had more time to keep up with the ever changing world of social media marketing.
  2. You want an easier way to discover new social tactics that deliver real results.
  3. You want to eliminate trial and error and focus on what really works, without all the guesswork and experimentation.
  4. You’re looking for a competitive advantage.
  5. You want to focus on what works best.

Your instructors will be experts on the leading edge of social media; specialists in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond. Social Media Examiner has access to a deep bench of industry experts that’ll bring you the latest, most relevant social tactics to help you stay on the leading edge.

Join 1000+ Fellow Marketers and Get Your Social Media Questions Answered!

Disclosure: We’re friends of the Social Media Examiner team and utilize affiliate links to promote their events and offers.

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