Become a Social Media Marketing Specialist

become social media marketing specialist

I wanted to share this infographic because of the great balance it has in presenting the skills necessary for a marketer to be able to execute social media marketing strategies effectively. In my opinion, I personally wouldn’t advise any student or professional to go the route of solely becoming proficient in social media. Social media is but one channel of an overall marketing strategy. You should be working to become a Marketing Specialist with these skills – as well as understanding how it fits into a company’s overall online marketing strategy.

Businesses increasingly gravitate to social media to pitch their products by interacting with audiences and sharing content that educates, entertains, and enlightens. But have you ever wondered who’s behind those accounts in this brave new world of social media marketing? The infographic below will look at the marketing wizards behind the curtain of this virtual world, possible pathways toward a career in social media marketing, and what the real-world outlook may be for these virtual marketers. Infographic via


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    Thank you, Douglas, for this useful piece. It’s a helpful reminder of just how many facets there are to a comprehensive social media marketing approach, let alone marketing in general these days.

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