The World of Social Media Monitoring and Analytics

social media monitoring and analytics infographic

The first bit of data on this infographic is pretty fascinating… the growth of the analytics tool market. In my opinion, it points to a couple issues. First is that we’re all still seeking better tools to report and monitor on our marketing strategies and second is that we’re willing to apply a larger percentage of our marketing budget to ensure our strategies are working.

As we use social media to connect with others, we create a digital data trail of human interaction. When analyzed properly, this valuable data can show public opinion and consumer trends, make predictions and provide insights. For companies properly collecting and analyzing this data, it can be key to success. This infographic from Demand Metric was designed to provide organizations with information about the world of social media monitoring and analytics.

This infographic isn’t new, but it still shares some great tools that I’ve not discovered yet. I’m always amazed at how many platforms I’m still unaware of our there!

  • BrandID – monitor your brand on Youtube.
  • Curalate – advanced image analytics and recognition algorithms for campaign measurement.
  • Engagor – A real-time platform for social customer service and engagement marketing.
  • Hootsuite – publish, monitor and manage your social media in your business with Enterprise capabilities.
  • Iconosquare (formerly – key metrics about your Instagram account.
  • Komfo – shows your viral amplification or reach of your posts.
  • Linkfluence – social media intelligence for brands and agencies.
  • Piqora – track your image-based campaigns from Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.
  • Plumlytics – Social media management with comprehensive listening and predictive analytics.
  • SimplyMeasured – Cross-channel social media analytics utilized by top brands.
  • Sysomos – in-depth measurement
    across your owned, earned and paid social media.
  • Tweriod – Analyze your followers’ activity to find the most active times of the day to share.

Look for some blog posts soon on some of these platforms!

Social Media Monitoring Software and Analytics


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    Thanks for highlighting Sysomos in here Douglas!
    If you ever want to learn more, feel free to reach out to me or to us through our website.

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

  2. 2

    Great infographic and very informative. You have provided some great insights and its very useful. In addition to the tools you have mentioned in the above infographics, I would like to add Plumlytics. Plumlytics offer social media management with comprehensive listening and predictive analytics built-in.

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