Viralheat: Social Media Monitoring for SMBs

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We've been on the lookout for a social media monitoring service for quite some time. A social media monitoring system allows you to set up brands and keywords and monitor various social media sites for mentions, sentiment and activity around those mentions. For companies, a social media monitoring strategy can be very lucrative for managing customer service issues, monitoring how people feel about your brand, and observing how well your social strategies are performing.

At issue is the incredible cost of these systems! Generating a return on a social media strategy takes time, so talking a client into adding a platform that is thousands of dollars a month is a bit extreme. I posed the question to some social media marketers, “Is there an affordable social media monitoring platform out there?” and didn't get too many responses.

However, one response from Carri Bugbee has me very excited. Viralheat appears to be a robust social media monitoring and analytics platform built for the small and medium-sized business market (SMB).

I'm excited to begin using Viralheat to begin monitoring our clients' social media presence. The system appears to be quite robust with many features listed:

  • Real-time monitoring – this is a key feature. Many of the other systems are not real-time, simply aggregating data from other systems.
  • Influencer analytics to identify followers with a large influence that can impact campaigns.
  • Sentiment analysis to identify the mood of each and every mention.
  • Viral analysis to identify tweets and mentions that have viral potential.
  • Video monitoring of over 200 video sites.
  • CRM integration to push leads to Salesforce or download via Excel.
  • Geo Location capability to restrict your profiles by any location in the world.
  • Dynamic Alerting capability so you can obtain instant notifications on mentions.
  • API – so you can integrate the data with any external system you'd like.

Aside from the features, the most impressive aspect of Viralheat may be the pricing. Their opening package is $9.99 a month with basic features. A $29.99 per month package appears to have everything a small business needs to get started. A $89.99 per month package includes a branded agency package!

For the price, this may be one of the most robust social media monitoring packages I've found. If you know of more social media monitoring platforms for SMBs out there (not social media publishing), let us know in the comments. And – if you're a user of Viralheat, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the system. We're so excited that we signed up for an affiliate package (and those are the links in this post).


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    Doug, I cracked up when I saw your post because I found it by researching social media monitoring tools for SMBs. Then I saw my name in your post. Thanks for the shout-out!

    I’m always on the lookout for new monitoring tools that are affordable for startups and SMBs, but it does seem like Viralheat may still be the best option for the money. If I come across anything similar, I’ll pop in to let you know.

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