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Statistics on How Travelers Utilize Social Media Before, During, and After a Vacation

Consumers are increasingly utilizing social media platforms and smartphones when searching for trip inspiration, but they’re also incorporating these tools during the planning and booking stages. So, what do travel marketers need to know when it comes to vacationers and their social media habits?

Well, 30% of travelers in the United States are now turning to social media to find trip inspiration and travel gets mentioned more on social media than Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Tayler Swift combined! That means that vacation destinations need to really be more aggressive in building advocacy and finding influencers if they wish to attract more people to their travel destination.

  • Mobile is also playing a key role, with 42% of consumers looking for travel inspiration and 40% actually booking via mobile
  • Destinations and Visitor Bureaus can work to build excitement for travelers with a vacation locked in. Feeding them destinations and information can ensure a successful vacation… one that they’ll want to share with friends, family, and the public online.
  • Great wifi is also essential if you want to enable sharing! 74% of travelers use social media, 85% use mobile to book activities, and 60% use navigation apps while traveling
  • After they return, it’s time to enter those ratings and reviews! Be sure to solicit reviews from travelers who loved staying with you.

In MDG Advertising’s just-updated infographic, Vacationing the Social Media Way, readers will learn the key ways that social media and mobile are influencing consumers’ travel habits and how they can find success with today’s tech-savvy travelers.

Douglas Karr

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