Social Media Survey Part 2 – A Closer Look at Facebook

In June  we conducted a brief survey to understand how owners of small businesses ( 1 – 25 employees) used social media.

While there have been a number of surveys looking at how Fortune 500 firms are entering the world of social media there was little content about smaller firms. We wanted to know if smaller firms were leading or lagging behind their larger counterparts in regards to usage of social media.

Social Media ButtonWhile we predicted some of the results, other findings surprised us. We compiled the results into a white paper (download here which has received so many positive comments, we thought it was time for a follow up.

Please take a few moments to tell us how you use Facebook in your business.


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    Thanks… We have found it really interesting, and are looking forward to the next round of results. It is great to have access to your readers to add to the study’s mix

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