Social Networking Etiquette – Don’t be a S.N.O.B.

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No Snobs AllowedThis rant has been brewing for a while but I'm going to go ahead and say it, the internet has an equitable amount of a**holes as the rest of the world. Hah… phew, I said it. I feel better.

Here's my beef. Social networking is the best thing to hit the web since… hmmmm…. well, let's just say it's the best thing that's ever hit the web. I love the ability to be able to voice my dissent, ideas, and objections. I love to hear other people's opinions and advice as well – even when I passionately disagree.

Sometimes this incredible world-wide web feels like it's the perfect, small community. I have readers that consistently visit my blog, and there are a bunch of bloggers that I've grown very fond of over the last couple of years.

No Snobs Allowed - Full

That said, why do someone participate in this community simply to be mean? What is it about their life that is so miserable that they have to actually get online and go through the effort of spreading their miserableness to others? How sad does your life have to be?

A couple of recent events happened that got to me. The latest was that some of my code was seen on my site and picked up on by a gent named ‘gizmo'. I don't know gizmo, but I appreciate him taking the time and posting the link.

You are a S.N.O.B.Check out the comments! SNOBS! Even better was when one of my sites was on Planet Ajaxian. Look at those comments! Just plain hurtful. I didn't ask to get put down. I had a cool tool, I used some cool technology, and I put it out there for folks. It's even free! No one has to go to it, and if they do, they don't have to pay for it.

The bottom line is that there's no reason to be a SNOB. Providing advise, feedback, tips, concern, pointer, constructive criticism… all of these methods are ‘socially' acceptable. Those are all things that help us to evolve and become better at what we do and what we know. Being a SNOB doesn't help anything. It adds no value to the ‘social network'.

Alright… enough of my rant. What's a SNOB? The next time someone is mean, disrespectful, or just plain ignorant on a Social Networking site, you can send them the graphic on the right! Feel free to use any of these graphics wherever and however you would like! Send them here if they need a full explanation.

And if you're a SNOB, move on. Don't bother flaming me on this – I'll just delete it.


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    Doug, sorry you had to enflame your carpal tunnel to tell us about those naughty guys over at Ajax Planet. There are hecklers in every crowd, I guess. Pray for ’em. That’s what HE would do. And keep doing what you’re doing. You’re and inspiration to me!

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    It seems to me, there are a lot of wannabe bullies out there, and they think they can harrass and stir up sh*** because they are “anonymous” on the internet. Some people just get off being ass***s. The way I look at it is that they are pathetic, lonely creatures and not worth a response or worry.

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    I was wondering when someone was going to get around to this increasing trend. I will be borrowing your badge and sending it to others. So don’t forget to CC license it 😉

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    Doug we all love you, do we need to whip some ass, if we do let me know, I will try to find some guys that still can. I can but not for long

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