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One of the benefits of working with a company that specializes in blogging for SEO is that it gives us some inside connections to SEO experts who have accomplished quite a bit of testing and experimentation. Today I had a discussion with someone who recommended a couple social media sites that can actually assist with your Search Engine placement.

Surprisingly, Facebook came up in the conversation but not in the typical sense. Facebook actually has pages – a way for businesses and organizations to be part of Facebook without faking a company name into a member profile. Some folks are actually seeing some search engine results, so be sure to backlink to your site and fill in the title of your anchor tags with a nice keyword or phrase.

The other site is Slideshare – a fantastic site where you can upload your Powerpoint Presentations and share them with one another. Put some great keyword rich descriptions in your slideshare descriptions, tag your presentations carefully and be sure to put your business' link back to your website.

If you wish to double your fun and share your presentation on Facebook (along with your business blog), you can install the Slideshare Facebook App!

And speaking of Slideshare, you can now embed your presentations on your LinkedIn profile as well! LinkedIn is really doing a great job of automating the ability to bring your content into their application, where it's shared with your network.

How to Add Slideshare with LinkedIn

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