Social Radar Integrates with NetSuite’s SuiteCloud

social radar

Infegy’s Social Radar has integrated with NetSuite in a combined solution called Social Radar SuiteApp for NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Computing Platform.

The integration extends the platform’s SuiteAnalytics with role-based analysis for historical trending of conversations, share of voice, key influencers, competitive insight, sentiment analysis, topics, and categories of interest and demographics. Companies can then use this information to build better products, tailor services, and fine tune campaigns to meet the specific desires of their targeted audiences, all within NetSuite’s integrated platform.

Social Radar is designed to leverage NetSuite’s fully integrated cloud-based business management suite to gain instantaneous, up-to-the-minute information on customer insight and to optimize business performance as follows:

  • Advertising and marketing teams can monitor the social web to learn what consumers are saying about their products and the competition.
  • Instantly identify topics driving about your brands.
  • Real-time and historical sentiment data can be leveraged to drive marketing campaigns, protect brand loyalty, and company reputation.
  • Product managers and market researchers can augment costly focus groups and surveys with media monitoring for new product development and planning product launches.
  • Management can implement by gaining an understanding of and how correlates with sales performance data such as revenue, wallet share, number of transactions, and more.

Here’s a great look at the Facebook IPO and conversation volumes and sentiment leading up to it:
facebook ipo sentiment

Social Radar Overview

We’re extremely excited about the opportunity to partner with NetSuite. By combining in-depth, immediate analytics from Social Radar with the wealth of data and extensive services within the SuiteAnalytics platform, we can provide NetSuite users with insight and analytics from the multitude of social media sources. Justin Graves, CEO of Infegy

Visit NetSuite’s SuiteApp for more information on the integrated solution.