Social Rebate: Reward Your Customers When They Share

social rebate

Most people offer discounts and offers to acquire new customers. This is pretty silly when you think about it, how about rewarding customers that are already spending money? In fact, what about rewarding customers that share the fact that they bought from you with their social networks?

Currently tracking at over a 30% conversion rate, Social Rebate is a brilliant platform. Not only are you utilizing word of mouth marketing, you’re also providing an incentive to reward your best customers and providing them a discount to return and make an additional purchase! This is the best of all worlds!

Hire your customers to share your brand across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to earn cash off their current purchases based on the traffic they bring you. Your message is instantly inserted into their friends’ timelines, feed, and boards — not as low-impact web ads, but as powerful trending topics that are actually seen and read.

Upon checking out, your customers are given the option to earn a pre-determined percentage back from their current purchase when they share your marketing on their favorite social network. They can immediately earn cash back just for posting – and then earn even more when their friends click you your posted link.

Best of all, Social Rebate is risk free. There’s no charge to install the software and they only get paid when they deliver new customers. Social Rebate’s fee is 15% of the rebates claimed by your customers. That means if you give out $10.00 in rebates, the Social Rebate service fee will be $1.50. This covers all transactions, processing, and delivery costs.

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