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social resume

In our industry, a social resume is a requirement. If you're a candidate looking for a job in social media, you better have a great network and online presence. If you're a candidate looking for a job in search engine optimization, I better be able to find you in search results. If you're a candidate looking for a content marketing job, I better be able to see some popular content on your blog.

The requirement for a social resume is moving beyond our industry now. Corporations and recruiters are utilizing social media sites and search engines – not to review candidates – but even to find them. Can they find you? Are you building authority online for your personal brand?

Digital social resumes are a modern take on traditional resumes. While you definitely need to include your work experience and education on your social resume, you can expand the information you provide to prospective employers to include samples of work, pertinent links and more.

Social Resume

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