Let Your Rock Stars Shine

duke long

Duke Long runs a commercial real estate blog and recently interviewed me on his show via Google+ Hangout. The topic is an important one… in an industry where the leaders are often very controlling, calculated, and… perhaps… with some egos, how do you control the message?

Simply put, you control the message by recruiting the right people and letting them do what they're great at. In commercial real estate, the industry authority and business relationships that agents develop is key to their success. Extending this network into social is an absolute necessity. Let your rock stars shine!

Here's the conversation… with some bleeps to ensure we don't offend:

Companies get concerned that if an employee is seen as a rock star, they're relinquishing control somehow. Guess what, you always relinquish control. Customers understand that people come and go… especially talented ones. If you're concerned that your rock star may leave and take the network with them, do what you need to keep them. But if they go, they're going to go whether or not you let them have a twitter account.

The opportunity to profit and grow by letting your rock stars shine in social media far outweigh putting your employees in a cage where they feel they have no control or opportunity. That, coupled with the loss of innovation, communication, and business they can derive from social media is surely a recipe for disaster.

What do you think?

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