What’s Stopping Organizations from Implementing Social Selling Strategies?

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As we head into 2016, organizations are still struggling with their social selling strategies. We’ve shared the foundations of social selling in past posts and there’s no denying the benefits of a team that adopts social selling practices:

61% of organizations engaged in social selling report a positive impact on revenue growth, which’s over 20% more than non-social sellers!

With those kinds of stats, you’d think every organization would be adopting social selling as a core strategy… but it’s not that easy.

72% of sales professionals feel that they are not proficient with social selling

Major challenges to social selling adoption have been identified in recent survey data from Sales for Life. Insufficient training, a lack of ROI measurement, and limited implementations into sales strategies have led to businesses struggling to implement programs. The vast majority have no active training program and place and almost three-quarters of sales professionals aren’t proficient in leveraging the strategy.

Earlier this year, we shared a Beginner’s Guide to Social Selling infographic from Salesforce. Of course, your strategies should have a much narrower focus to pinpoint your target audience, build your authority, and get in front of more qualified leads.

The State of Social Selling in 2016

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