6 Myths of Social Sharing

6 Myths Social Sharing

There are no rules! This has been my mantra for as long as I’ve been marketing. What I watch that works fantastic for one company barely moves the needle for another. Virtually no two businesses are alike, yet we have an entire marketing consulting industry of so-called experts that give bunk advice every single day.

Of course there are strategies that may not align with a company, there are strategies that work short-term but can do damage long-term, and there are even strategies that can get you into trouble. At the root of your marketing strategy, though, should be your ability to observe the strategies that are being deployed and then test your own. Don’t discount strategies that didn’t work for other companies or that your consultant dislikes… they may just work!

Po.st has dug through our social data and found some surprising information that debunks several social sharing ideas you may have assumed otherwise true.

This is a great infographic from the folks at Po.st, a URL shortening and social sharing platform – 6 Myths of Social Sharing.


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