Social Bookmarks: Hide and Seek

UPDATE: – With the new site design and the lack of usage of the links, I decided to take them off. No complaints thus far! This modification still works if you would like to use it. I was the butt of some joking going on over at Nektros. The entry was all about why you should get rid of all of those one-click social bookmarking links on your site. I’ve had a few other folks

The Digg Effect: Conclusion…Does It Help?

When I posted a funny video about Bill Gates and Napoleon Dynamite, my intent was to see what impact that Digg could have on exposing my blog to others. As well, my intent was to show the after effects of the “Digg Effect”. Noah on Okdork is keeping me honest on this one. “The Digg Effect” is the catapult in hits that your site obtains when you submit a story through Digg that other “Diggers”

Wikiality, Truth, and Accuracy

It appears that the Colbert report has caused a Wikipedia uproar with this new segment on Wikiality. Newsvine Article Wikipedia Blocks Vandelism on Wikipedia Wikipedia blocks changes to Elephants There is always a hint of truth to Colbert’s sarcasm that I really appreciate. In this case, Wikiality is simply the evolution of editorial power. A couple quotes… “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” and “History is written by the victors”. I apologize for not taking the time

The Digg Effect: Good Content + Social Networking = BIG HITS

The Digg effect is one that’s often discussed. So many people push to make Digg, but is it really a great method for gaining readership? Here’s what happened when my site was ‘Dugg’.

Television Lows and an Example of How the Web can Help

This month we saw a new low for network television viewership. I have been quite a critic of the mainstream media, having spent my first decade of marketing in the newspaper business. There are signs of change elsewhere, though. The Sci Fi Channel, for instance, has recently posted an Online Pilot for a new cartoon, The Amazing Screw-On Head. They combine the full pilot with a Survey about the show. (If you get a chance,

Fourth Person? Fifth Person? Grammatical Person and Marketing

This may not be an accurate comparison, but I was thinking about web-based marketing today and came up with a thought. I’ve often spoken about weaknesses with websites that are simply ‘yard signs’. I’m reading Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers and it speaks to the same issue. I found I’m as guilty as the next guy – having built quite a few sites that didn’t allow much interaction.