Listening Isn’t Enough. Your Social Strategy Needs these 4 Elements for Success!

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Absolutely love the message here from South Africa’s premium retailer Woolworths. Digital Editor Sam Wilson discusses how Socialbakers‘ products, Analytics and Builder, enable her team to drive brand engagement and deliver powerful social insights to company executives.

Woolworth’s strategy is beyond simply listening and responding via social media. There are 4 other elements mentioned by Sam that have helped them succeed, both externally and with their internal leadership.

  1. Analysis – access to slice and dice a large amount of data to monitor real performance on their social media marketing return on investment.
  2. Benchmarks – the ability to analyze their competitors and see their best and worst content so that Woolworths can do a better job than their competitors.
  3. Reaction – the ability to publish and monitor their social media campaign performance.
  4. Proof of ROI – provides stats and analytics that helps prove the return on investment to leadership, providing actual sales directly attributed to social media engagement.

Socialbakers’ Analytics solution helps companies measure social media effectively, helping make the right decisions based on comparative social analysis of your competitors and industry. Here’s a great explainer video of their social media analytics solution:

Socialbakers’ Builder helps build and publish content from a simple dashboard, analyze competitive feeds, and identifying best practices. Here’s a great explainer video of their social media publishing solution:

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