SocialBridge: Online Collaboration Suite for Agencies

socialbridge agency collaboration

Be it brainstorming strategy; managing, organizing or sharing marketing campaign; executing projects; or simply connecting to people across the chain, collaboration is the name of the game. What better way to let each individual self-serve the files, documents, or other crucial information they require without having to run to a central console or depend on others to forward the information?

SocialBridge allows setting up of customizable online cloud-based communities for each project or specific need, with databases and forms, and a host of access control and collaboration options. Very often, the true value of productivity lies hidden amidst routine tasks. Central Desktops automates and makes seamless routine tasks such as updates, reminders, access permissions etc.

The company offers different versions of SocialBridge. SocialBridge for agencies is for creative agencies and teams that collaborate with clients often. SocialBridge for Enterprise brings together the different arms of the business, spread across time and location, without relying on the IT department. SocialBridge Professional provides to small business and individual units everything that a large professional enterprise uses.

SocialBridge enables your agency or enterprise organization to:

  • Automate work order processes
  • Review, comment on and approve proofs online
  • Set up clients and projects quickly with ready-to-go templates
  • Track client feedback, decisions and sign-offs to avoid costly mistakes and scope creep
  • Access project status and files online, anytime
  • Simplify collaboration with a globally dispersed team, clients, freelancers and partner agencies

SocialBridge also allows third party integration, comes with a high level of security and has 99.98 percent uptime.

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