Socialbungy: Your Peer-To-Peer Marketing Platform

Whenever a new advertiser signs up on our site and they have a marketing platform, we often take a deeper dive and do a blog post about them. SocialBungy recently signed up to advertise so we checked them out and wanted to share it with you.

SocialBungy is an event marketing and lead capture tool for the iPad (or any tablet & PC) used to run contests, sweepstakes, and sign-up forms. Perfect for in-store promotions, kiosks, event booths, or even out in the field. Give people a reason to visit your event booth or kiosk:

No development is necessary and the platform can be customized to your brand, including images. Here are scenarios where SocialBungy is best put to use:

The most intriguing feature of SocialBungy is that it’s ready for team use. Capture usage analytics across your staff, track their individual hours, and monitor the number of entries each collects.

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