SocialFlow: Right message. Right audience. Right time.


SocialFlow improves visibility and engagement of your content on Facebook and Twitter by optimizing the time and placement of your content. SocialFlow does this by using real-time data to understand the constantly changing interests of your audience, then mapping your content to the windows where you’ll get the most attention.

SocialFlow offers 3 Product Solutions:

  • Cadence – Optimized Publisher™. Cadence analyzes real-time conversational data and automatically delivers your message to the right audience at the right time for maximum engagement.
  • Forte – Promote Messages and Tweets. Forte leverages signals from earned content to drive success on paid so you can reach and engage a larger percentage of your current audience and people like them.
  • Crescendo – Attention Buying Platform™. Crescendo proactively grows, engages, and converts your audience by intelligently publishing and purchasing for maximum attention.

Powered by high-performance, proprietary technology and predictive data analytics, the SocialFlow suite of services expands audience engagement and increases the average revenue per customer, seamlessly meshing businesses goals with a company’s social media strategy.

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