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Video technology is skyrocketing… from retina displays, to big screens, to 3D, AppleTV, Google TV… people are sharing and consuming greater volumes of video than ever in history. Added to the complexity is the second screen – interacting with a tablet or mobile device while you’re watching television. This is the advent of SocialTV.

While traditional television viewership declines, SocialTV is showing a lot of promise. SocialTV is increasing viewership, helping promotion and even driving direct sales. The possibilities are endless with SocialTV and the applications continue to launch at a tremendous pace. Traditional television stations aren’t going to sit by while revenues move to online channels, SocialTV offers the opportunity to keep revenues and grow.

Some companies and their technologies in the SocialTV space:

  • Aereo – Access your local over-the-air channels – all the major broadcast networks and over 20 other channels – in HD quality.
  • Boxee – automatically delivers video recommendations from your friends on Facebook and Twitter to your TV and lets you share stuff with them from the click of the remote.
  • Boxfish – boxfish captures every word spoken on television, as it happens. They process the data in real-time and we use it as a new layer of discovery for TV using a tablet (currently an iPad application).
  • ConnecTV – integrates leading social networks, unique social features, and custom-tailored content allowing users to chat with other viewers while watching your favorite shows.
  • GetGlue – just as Foursquare allows you to check into locations, GetGlue allows you to build a social network and check into television shows, movies, and music.
  • Google TV – Discover great stuff to watch whether it’s on live TV or the web, with quick access and personalized recommendations across multiple content sources.
  • Kit digital – powers the transformation of traditional broadcast to multiscreen broadband TV, live or on demand video solutions.
  • Miso – building a curated second screen experience and a new creative platform.
  • Rovi – empowers control of the content process from creation to distribution—and delivers your digital media directly to consumers when they want it, across multiple platforms and devices.
  • SnappyTV – an easy to use, powerful platform that makes live streams and TV broadcasts social, mobile and viral.
  • TVcheck – currently in the UK, TVcheck is a free, fun and simple way to share your love of TV, win prizes and get together with friends – without disrupting your viewing.
  • WiOffer – Get exclusive television and radio WiOffers on your smart phone or tablet.
  • Xbox LIVE – Your TV is transformed into a connected entertainment experience with Xbox LIVE. Play Kinect and controller games with online friends wherever they are or instantly watch HD movies, TV shows and sports.
  • YapTV – share your television viewing on Twitter and Facebook.
  • YouToo – Youtoo is both a social network and a television network with advanced technology that makes them work together.

One interesting technology for second screens that’s being tested right now is audio fingerprinting. While you watch television with a mobile or tablet device, the application runs and fingerprints the television show, movie or commercial playing and automatically generates an interactive experience on your second screen.

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