The 2013 SoDA Report – Volume 2

soda 2 2013

The first edition of the 2013 SoDA report is now approaching almost 150,000 views and downloads!

The second installment of the publication is now ready for viewing. This edition includes an impressive combination of thought leadership pieces, insightful interviews and truly inventive work created for top brands such as Nike, Burberry, Adobe, Whole Foods, KLM and Google. Contributors include notable guest authors from blue-chip brands, consultancies and innovative start-ups, as well as luminaries from SoDA member companies around the globe.

The caliber of content contained in this volume is once again exemplary. SoDA’s elite membership, partners and other industry leaders provide their latest insights into digital innovation and the blurring borders of digital marketing, customer service and product design. Tony Quin (SoDA Board Chair and CEO of IQ).

In this volume, SoDA was also fortunate to work with partner AOL to debut some of the findings from its proprietary study on shrinking purchase windows and the multiplier effect of smartphone usage on those reduced timelines for making decisions across a wide variety of product and service categories.

About SoDA – The Global Society for Digital Marketing Innovators: SoDA serves as a network and voice for entrepreneurs and innovators around the globe who are creating the future of marketing and digital experiences. Our members (top digital agencies and elite production companies) come by invitation only and hail from 25+ countries across five continents. Adobe is SoDA’s founding organizational sponsor. Other organizational partners include Microsoft, Econsultancy and AOL.

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